Folk House Cafe


Coffee Shop: Folk House Cafe

Location: 40A Park Street, Bristol, BS1 5GJ

Date: 10/05/2018

Price: £
☕ Teas and coffees: £2-3, but very good sizes (huge teapot for 1 = £2.10; unlimited refills on filter coffee)

What we loved:

  • Extremely friendly and welcoming cafe. Feels like you can stay here as long as you want.
  • Hidden gem in a secret location off Park Street, must follow a little alleyway to access it.
  • Outdoors seating (both at front of the cafe, plus one table on a little terrace off the main cafe area)
  • Good selection of cakes and snacks.
  • Large tables and lots of plugs – ideal for working.

What we’d have next time:

  • The menu changes but one to try is their daily plate with a variety of salads and quiches/tarts.
Colourful inside area.
Outside terrace/balcony at the back of the cafe.

Tradewind Espresso


Coffee Shop: Tradewind Espresso

Location: 118 Whiteladies Road, Bristol, BS8 2RP

Date: 29/04/2016

Attendees: Em, Cara, Martha, Ferg, Fran, Sarah and Issy

Price: £££
☕ Coffees: £3+
🍽️ Brunches: £5.50-9.50

What we loved:

  • Quite a small space but cute layout.
  • Boasts an outside terrace at the back. Nice additional bonus given the limited space along Whiteladies.
  • Good quality ‘Roasted Rituals’ coffee.

What we’d have next time:

  • Banana and walnut bread with espresso butter




Coffee Shop: Mockingbird

Location: 58 Alma Vale Road, Bristol, BS8 2HS

Date: 26/02/2016

Attendees: Cara, Emily and Martha

Price: ££
🍽️ Brunches: £4-9

What we loved:

  • Wifi and plug points.
  • Small space but with big tables, which are good for work.
  • Clean, modern interior.
  • Bit of a hidden gem along Alma Vale Road.

What we’d have next time:

  • ‘The Elvis’ – peanut butter, honey, banana toasted sourdough sandwich


The Bristolian

bristolian 2.jpg

Coffee Shop: The Bristolian

Location: 2 Picton Street, Bristol, BS6 5QA

Date: 19/02/2016

Attendees: Harriet, Martha

Price: ££
 Coffees: £2.50-£4
Brunches: £7.95 – £13.95

What we loved:

  • Amazing drink and food selection, inc. a large array of brunch dishes, lunches eg goats cheese bruschetta and lots of unique cakes
  • Extremely pretty decor
  • Cool and friendly staff
  • Wifi and plug points
  • Not too loud – good jazz playlist to work to

What we’d have next time:

  • Peanut butter brownie, or any of the delicious looking cakes!




Two char-grilled chicken and pesto sandwiches, one open kebab, one quesadilla.

Coffee Shop: Megan’s

Location: 571 Kings Rd, Fulham, SW6 2EB
(also a branch at 57-69 Parsons Green Lane)

Date: 08/01/2018

Attendees: Meg, Emily, Jack, Zoe

Price: ££
– Not cheap but reasonably priced for London.

What we loved:

  • Charming atmosphere with lights draped on the walls.
  • Spacious due to the large room available behind the main cafe (semi-outside but heaters and blankets are provided)
  • Friendly service – waiters were very chatty and relaxed.
  • Good quality food – large range to choose from as there is the menu plus a deli counter with fresh salads/quiches etc on offer.
  • Stayed for a few hours and were not made to feel we should leave.
  • Spanish latte was delightful – a traditional latte served in a glass with a thin layer of condensed milk at the bottom.

What we’d have next time:

  • One of the sharing boards served in the evening, such as the ‘Mediterranean’ that includes kofta, falafel, hummus, halloumi and flatbread.




Coffee Shop: Atelier

Location: Calle Serranos, 33 (Salamanca)

Date: 09/12/2016

Attendees: Fran, Charli, Meg, Georgia, Yasmin, Lucy, Emily

Price: €€
☕ Cafe con leche well priced at €1.10
🍽️ Coffee and one tapas item = just over €2

What we loved:

  • Vegetarian and vegan cafe – everything’s vegetarian with some vegan options.
  • Tapas include deep fried leeks with goats cheese, ratatouille, various types of tortilla, mini veggie hamburgers.
  • Always busy around lunch (good sign?!) but usually always space.
  • You pay at the end rather than when you order.
  • Wifi available.
  • Coffee often served with a Speculoos biscuit.

What we’d have next time:

  • Any of the tapas!
Bar lined with a multitude of veggie tapas.

Off Centre Cafe Lounge


Coffee shop: Off Centre Cafe Lounge

Location: 12 Baldwin Street, Bristol, BS1 1SA

Date: 11/03/2016

Attendees: Martha, Emily

Price: £
☕ Coffees: £1.80-2.60
🍽️ Breakfasts/Brunches: £3.60-7.25

What we loved:

  • Huge drink size – coffee cups genuinely almost the size of our heads.
  • Lots of fairy lights, flowers on every table and cute phrases decorating the walls (even in the bathroom!)
  • Great upbeat playlist.
  • Wifi and plugs.
  • Diverse range of teas.

What we’d have next time:

  • Their ‘Morning Meal Deal’, served between 7am – 11.30am, that consists of a sandwich/baguette/bap with either eggs, bacon or sausage + any regular tea or coffee, for £4.25.


PumPum Cafe


Coffee Shop: PumPum Cafe

Location: Calle del Tribulete, 6 (Lavapies, Madrid)

Attendees: Emily, Zoe, Meg

Price: €€
(**special €10 brunch deal on a Saturday: coffee, juice, granola, mini croissant, and the PumPum classic – avocado and egg on toast**)

What we loved:

  • Unique decor – rustic feel due to the brick walls, warm lighting and various plants.
  • Great quality food, all tasted very fresh.
  • Large selection of cakes.
  • Gluten-free bread available, as well as dairy-free milks (not always common in Spain)
  • There can be large queues outside, especially on a weekend, although the staff have a reservation system by which they write your name down on the glass door outside which means you can leave and come back at your allocated time.

What we’d have next time:

  • PumPum’s savoury Shakshuka dish, served in a large metal dish with crusty bread.
First course of the Saturday brunch deal: mini croissants, granola and OJ
Second course of the Saturday brunch deal: x2 PumPum classics


An interior that’s basically the cafe version of a hug.

Coffee Shop: Door&Rivet

Location: 50 Upper York Street, Bristol

Date: 19/01/2018

Attendees: Charli, Fran, Issy, Emily

Price: ££
☕ Coffees: £2-2.60
🍽️ Brunches: £6-9

What we loved:

  • Set in an old church, the exterior is understated and it’s pleasantly surprising to find this lovely cafe round the corner.
  • Extremely welcoming atmosphere, feels like you’re in someone else’s house in a really good way.
  • Wifi and widespread plugs available.
  • Very friendly service – specifically offered to make a chai latte upon Issy’s request even though chai latte does not feature on the menu.
  • Outside seating available.

What we’d have next time:

  • One of their freshly baked (and huge!) pastries including cinnamon rolls and pain au chocolats.
The bright outdoor seating area.
‘Really Good Veggie’, x3 ‘Really Good Breakfasts’, Poached Eggs on Sourdough (left to right, clockwise)


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